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Dr. Poliakoff and his team of highly qualified healthcare practitioners aid women throughout their reproductive years and beyond, assessing and addressing their needs at whatever stage of life, in whatever state of health and whenever they are in need of gynecological, oncological or urogynecologic medical advice and intervention.  This includes women who are concerned about maintaining their health, those who may be at risk for developing cancer and are seeking cutting-edge means of prevention, and those who may have already developed a manifestation of the disease.

Each of our patients benefit from our “team” approach, receiving personalized, compassionate, individualized care combined with cutting-edge treatments and protocols, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing and customized treatment programs from the United States and around the world.

The majority of our staff is bi-lingual in English and Spanish, and many of our patients fly in to Miami from all parts of the US, Canada, South America, Central America, Mexico and Europe with the express purpose of visiting one of our offices.

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