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Steven R. Poliakoff, MD

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When it comes to your health, your road to wellness is as unique as your fingerprints and requires personalized care based on your very specific needs and goals. Steven R. Poliakoff, MD, offers integrative medicine at his Miami practice, and takes a comprehensive full-spectrum approach to your care utilizing the most innovative treatments available, including immunotherapy, nutritional therapy, and vitamin therapy. For an integrative approach to your gynecologic health and overall wellness, call the South Miami or Miami Beach, Florida, office today or book an appointment online.

Integrative Medicine Q&A

What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine is a type of medical practice that focuses on your whole body wellness, not just your symptom or one body system. Dr. Poliakoff is an experienced gynecologist who provides full-spectrum, personalized, and compassionate care utilizing the most advanced, cutting-edge techniques available.

What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is most often used as a treatment method for cancer, but Dr. Poliakoff also utilizes immunotherapy for gynecologic needs as well. It’s a type of therapy that bolsters your immune system to help fight off the disease. It’s considered a biological therapy because it uses substances made from living organisms to fight the illness or condition.

Many diseases, like cancer, are difficult to cure because they have the ability to “hide” from your immune system. Immunotherapy marks the diseased cells so your immune system can destroy them.

Dr. Poliakoff is the medical director at The Women’s Cancer Research Foundation, and has developed a keen interest in researching new and unprecedented modalities for treating cancer, and he’s excited to offer immunotherapy to his cancer and gynecologic patients.

What is nutritional therapy?

Dr. Poliakoff offers nutritional therapy, which uses foods and nutrients as treatments, at his integrative medicine practice for both his gynecologic and cancer patients. He understands the value of nutrition when it comes to health and healing.

For his gynecologic patients, he may focus on the importance of certain foods and nutrients you need depending on your stage of life. For example, women of all ages need to make sure they get enough calcium and vitamin D to support bone health, but these nutrients are especially important after women go through menopause because of the loss of estrogen.

For his cancer patients, Dr. Poliakoff may provide guidance on how to eat when you don’t have an appetite or when you’re feeling too ill from treatment. He may also review the nutrients your body needs to support its fight against your cancer.

What is vitamin therapy?

Vitamin therapy is a treatment aimed at restoring vitamin deficiencies or supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to boost energy, fight off an illness, or help you manage a chronic condition. The vitamins are infused directly into your blood and have an immediate therapeutic effect. Dr. Poliakoff customizes your vitamin therapy to meet your specific nutrient needs.

To learn more about integrative medicine, call the office today or request an appointment online.